The honey pot company awakening jasmine panty spray

The honey pot company awakening jasmine panty spray

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JASMINE PANTY SPRAY: A refreshing Jasmine herbal mist, made with mineral salts to eliminate odor and lavender essential oils to keep you feeling calm and refreshed throughout the day. For use on all your intimate areas.
INTIMATE FRESHENING: This feminine hygiene spray is safe to use daily, making it ideal for maintaining optimal freshness at home or on-the-go. The calming, soothing, and healing herbs and ingredients help eliminate odor and keep the pH of your intimate areas balanced and healthy, so you can face the day with confidence.
100% NATURAL: Clinically tested and gynecologist approved, The Honey Pot's Refreshing Panty Spray is made with organic plant-based, herbal ingredients. Free from artificial fragrance, talc, and parabens to better suit women's health.
ALL-IN-ONE DEODORANT: Go beyond panties, use panty spray as a complete intimate deodorant to feel fresh all over. Use the refreshing herbal mist on all your intimate areas including: panties, underarms, and feet.
THE HONEY POT: Natural feminine hygiene products focused on balancing, healing, cleansing, and protecting. Using all natural plant-based products, The Honey Pot provides women with the tools and resources that promote feminine health and wellness.