The honey pot company 100% organic super tampons

The honey pot company 100% organic super tampons

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  • UPER ABSORBENCY: Live your life without worrying about leaks, accidents, or what’s in your tampon. Honey Pot super absorbent, organic cotton tampons will keep you light, even on medium or heavy days, knowing your tampons are 100% natural & fragrance free
  • NATURAL ORGANIC COTTON: Honey Pot's gynecologist-approved, eco friendly feminine care products are 100% natural--made with organic cotton, free from chlorine, pesticides, perfumes, dyes, or synthetic materials to better suit women's health
  • SMOOTH, BIO PLASTIC APPLICATOR: Use with ease. Our comfortable tampon applicator is made from soft, eco friendly, BPA-free biodegradable plastic. The extra, textured finger grip allows for quick and easy, slip-free insertion
  • SECURE PROTECTION: Honey Pot makes menstrual care products better. Our tampons, whether super or slim, conform to your unique shape to provide unsurpassed protection and keep you leak free. When ready to change, easily remove it with sewn in cord
  • THE HONEY POT COMPANY: Natural hygiene products focused on balancing, healing, cleansing, and protecting. Using all natural plant-based products, The Honey Pot provides women with the tools and resources that promote feminine health and wellness