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Rebel Green - Tree Free Toilet Tissue - 4 Roll(s)

Rebel Green - Tree Free Toilet Tissue - 4 Roll(s)

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  • TREE FREE TOILET PAPER made from natural, sustainable bamboo - in just 3 to 4 months, bamboo is fully matured and ready to be harvested again, compared to trees that can take 30 years to regrow
  • COMPLETELY CARBON NEUTRAL. All carbon emissions created by growing, harvesting, and transporting our products are offset by our carbon offset program and partnership with The Paradigm Project. The partnership is focused on combating poverty in East Africa, to fund clean cook stoves for women and families in rural Kenya.
  • EXTRA SOFT, FLUFFY, AND ABSORBENT 3ply sheets give you an earth friendly alternative to traditional disposable bathroom tissue that doesn't compromise on comfort and quality
  • BPA FREE, NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED, AND PANDA FRIENDLY. There are at least 1500 species of bamboo, and our bamboo has been certified as a species that is not a food source for pandas