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Pastabilities organic vegan Mac n cheese family size

Pastabilities organic vegan Mac n cheese family size

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Fish, seahorse & starfish shaped pasta + cheese mix.

10 grams protein per serving.

USDA Organic. Certified by GOA. Vegan.

Non GMO.

Organic pasta & organic cheddar cheese mix. Plant based. No synthetic colors. Pasta made with bronze dies & dried slowly for superior taste. From our Family to Yours: When you enjoy this Organic Vegan Mac & Cheese, you become part of our growing pasta family! For more than 20 years, families like yours have entertained their kids & grandkids, celebrated the holidays and collegiate teams, and indulged their passions - just by serving and savoring a bowl of our healthy, fun pasta shapes. We love and appreciate every one of our connections with you! Thank you for sharing our products and our vision, where The World is Full of Pastabilities! Your friends at The Pasta Shoppe. We begin with high quality organic ingredients - 100% organic durum wheat flour (not a blended flour) - Plus old world boutique manufacturing - Guarantees superior taste & texture - For delicious & wholesome fun, family meals! Boutique manufacturer of fun shapes, healthy grains & organic pasta. Have fun, eat pasta, raise money! Delicious pasta recipes and more!

No artificial flavors.