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Madhava clean & simple organic light agave

Madhava clean & simple organic light agave

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MADHAVA Organic Agave is sourced directly from non GMO and organic agave farmers who share our values of doing good for people and the earth. All of our organic agave nectar products are made with organic ingredients crafted to bring out the best flavors as nature intended. It's just, agave. When MADHAVA started making honey in 1973, we were shocked that food companies tinker and toil with synthetic formulas, trying to re-create authentic flavors. We knew there was a better way. So, we ventured into deserts in Mexico, climbed trees in California, and sapped flowers in Asia – in an obsessive pursuit of purity. As our company has evolved since 1973, so has our passion for purity in all foods. It’s now our mission to get clean ingredients to tables across the country – and the world. In our pursuit of purity, we’ve partnered with the Clean Label Project to double and triple check that our MADHAVA methods prevent environmental and industrial contaminants from getting in, resulting in natural, organic, rich flavors you can trust. Every MADHAVA product is Clean Label Project certified and continuously tested for hundreds of toxins and contaminants.