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Essentia Alkaline Water 1.5L

Essentia Alkaline Water 1.5L

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  • Essentia Water’s proprietary ionization process transforms water from anywhere in the world into supercharged alkaline water; minimal transportation translates into less impact on the environment
  • Experts in creating ionized alkaline bottled drinking water, Essentia’s mission is to enhance people’s lives through better rehydration*, serving the doers, the believers and the achievers
  • Go further for longer with Essentia’s bottled water; increase potential with better rehydration*; great for running, jogging, exercising, walking, hiking, rowing, biking or climbing
  • Untap your potential. Fuel your resilience. Get up, get out, and go do it. Someone is going make waves. It might as well be you.
  • Rehydrate throughout the day with Essentia Water; the clean, smooth taste invites individuals or teams to replenish easily whether working, playing sports, adventuring, studying or resting